White Fillings Ringwood Dental

Noticed how silver fillings are less common nowadays?

Most of us have had fillings at one point during our lives but gone are the days when fillings were steel grey and extremely noticeable.

We are increasingly seeing patients with earlier generation white fillings where the colour match was more life-like. White composite fillings are much more subtle thanks to being made from a resin mix which is shaded to match the colour of your teeth.

If you have existing loose fillings we can do new white tooth fillings to restore them.

Fillings are the simplest way of dealing with a cavity in a tooth that is otherwise problem-free. Cavities are caused when the acids from certain foods and drinks gnaw away at the tooth’s enamel and your dentist will fill that hole so infection-causing bacteria can no longer get to the pulp of the tooth.

White tooth fillings are becoming more popular as technology and techniques improve. We are commonly replacing old amalgam (containing silver and mercury) with white fillings. Call us now on (03) 9870 6030 or you can visit us today at 8 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood, VIC, 3134, Australia

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