Wisdom Teeth Treatment Ringwood Dental Clinic


Wisdom teeth, also called “third molars”, usually appear between late teens and late 20s. Most people have four wisdom teeth, although some have fewer and some a few more. Often there is insufficient space and this can result in a long struggle for the teeth to appear. During this time, they may cause painful repeated gum infections. 

Also, as is often the case, they may be growing crooked and trap plaque (germs) inside the gum next to the neighbouring tooth. When this happens, decay can occur in an important chewing molar.

When Wisdom Teeth are unable to emerge due to a lack of space, they can become wedged, also commonly known as Impacted Wisdom Teeth. If you have impacted teeth the best solution is to get your Wisdom Teeth Extracted.


As with all procedures, wisdom teeth need to be assessed thoroughly. This usually involves a panoramic x-ray called an OPG. Only after careful consultation, discussing risks and benefits will the wisdom teeth be extracted. Call us now (03) 9870 6030 or you can visit us today at 8 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood, VIC, 3134, Australia

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