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Dental Bridge

Want a missing tooth replaced and the teeth next to the gap are available

Then you may be a candidate for a bridge.

After an assessment, one or both teeth next to a gap are trimmed down to receive a crown to cover them.

Bridges are multiple crown units joined together, to fill a gap from a missing tooth. A bridge is made of similar materials as a crown, in a similar way.

Depending on the state of a patient’s dental health, a variety of materials can be recommended to create the bridge implant, to provide permanent replacement of damaged or missing teeth, and provide greater support for chewing and eating, with no need for a removal for cleaning.

As the name implies, dental bridges are artificial teeth, often made of metal, porcelain, or gold, that are used to “bridge” the gap between existing natural teeth. There are different kinds of dental bridges, but they are all supported by existing teeth, often with a frame attaching them to teeth on either side of them.

While dental crowns are suggested in cases with damaged or weakened teeth, dental bridges are more suitable for those with missing teeth. The natural teeth on either side of the gap must have crowns fitted to support the bridge, these are known as abutment teeth.

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