Toothache Treatment Ringwood Dental

Ouch! Pain Getting Worse?

Had sleepless nights?

Can’t bite on the tooth?

Or you may have extreme sensitivity to hot or cold?

Is the gum swollen?

Nature is telling you something. Now you need to let us know so we can help you.

Depending on how long you have had the toothache, we may be able to save the tooth for you.

If there is decay, it may have had a head start, so the earlier we see you, the better chance we have to catch up to the damage.

Some issues can be easily fixed – sensitivity near the gum line may just need some chemical treatment, or it may be an old filling that is broken or leaking. It may be the bite has an imbalance, and a simple adjustment can reduce stress and pain on a tooth.

Advanced tooth problems can cost much, much more than fixing a problem early – please don’t leave it too late for us to solve a problem easily for you. If you have discomfort – CALL NOW!


Even if the discomfort is mild, don’t ignore nature’s warning sign. Call us now (03) 9870 6030 or you can visit us today at 8 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood, VIC, 3134, Australia

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