Many patients we see have signs of worn teeth. Usually they are not as extreme as shown here.

Let's be clear here. Teeth will wear down throughout life. Normal tooth wear is normal. Conversely, abnormal tooth wear is not normal and may occur from three main causes. In some cases these may be combined.

1. Attrition – a tooth to tooth wear on the biting surfaces of teeth resulting from daily grinding or clenching.

2. Abrasion – from excessive brushing pressure, usually around the sides and necks of teeth. This is worsened by a harsh toothpaste or hard toothbrushes.

3. Erosion – loss of tooth structure from acidic food and drink such as fruit juice, vinegar or medical conditions such as acid reflux or bulimia.

You may notice:

Shorter teeth
Teeth become sensitive
Yellowing of teeth
Bite collapse in advanced cases

While everyone is different, we generally find that identifying the cause and remedying this to be key. Earlier diagnosis and management leads to better results as there is less damage. Smaller repairs are usually better – let alone less expensive – than larger repairs.

If this sounds like you, please reach out to us. 🤔

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New shoes wear out and become old shoes.
Teeth wear out too and become old teeth.
Are you noticing your teeth are wearing out?
Are they becoming discoloured?
Are they sensitive to temperature?

Early conservative management may save your teeth, save you big repair bills.

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A D M I R E & R E S P E C T N A T U R E

Add and enhance without taking away.

A young female patient needs a repair with no further damage from the repair process.
One visit direct composite resin restoration – because no one wants to see a "filling" in their front tooth.

Cost effective.
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Not everything we do is glamorous. Behind the scenes if these front teeth there was worn out enamel.
With time they would further weaken and break.
Better get in before that happens!
Direct composite palatal bonding restores the worn surface.
(Quite fiddly to do, as Dr Han puts it, like buttering the underside of toast in a mirror!)
These have saved the front teeth for this gentleman along with thousands of dollars had it been done in porcelain.
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P R O T E C T Y O U R S E L F!
Not everything we do is glamourous. But worn teeth are far from glamourous!
A digitally milled splint is fitted to protect from a damaging grinding habit.
Left unprotected, teeth will become worn down.
This will affect chewing ability, speech and self-confidence.
The hundreds of dollars spent here potentially saves this patient thousands of dollars – in other words, money well spent.
While there are many cheap splints out there, a well made splint will be worn and therefore be effective.
There are two visits involved:
1. Impressions (moulds) are taken of the upper and lower jaws. A multi-stage bite impression, which is key to a good fit and posture, is also taken.
2. The digitally milled splint is fitted and checked off. A well made splint will require very few adjustments.
Can we help?
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R E N E W E D S M I L E !
When teeth become worn it affects more than your smile.
Here a guy in his 30s has almost worn half his teeth away.
Like worn out shoes, teeth height affects face height.
Without support, wrinkles start to appear.
While we could have achieved the same outcome with porcelain veneers or crowns, here these teeth were built up in one visit in composite resin without injections or pain.
Walk out smiling! 😁
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Are your teeth getting worn?
Are you noticing them becoming shorter?
Teeth wear down over time, but abnormally high wear can occur if you are grinding.
As teeth do not repair themselves, it is worth finding out before the problem becomes worse.
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