Teeth Grinding Treatment Ringwood Dental Clinic

Teeth Grinding Treatment at Ringwood Dental

  • Grinding sounds when a person is asleep
  • Headache, jaw joint ache or earache
    Muscle stiffness on sides of the face
  • Teeth which are sore to chew, especially in the morning
  • Temperature sensitivity
Teeth grinding, or bruxism, might just seem like an annoyance and a pain, but the truth is that is can be even more dangerous than that. It has the potential to do significant damage to your teeth. Bruxism affects around one in ten people, meaning it’s more widespread than you might think, and Ringwood Dental can help you prevent the damage it can do and help you sleep with a little more peace.

If you frequently wake up with a headache, neck ache or sore jaw muscles, you may be grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep. Some people even wake up their partner from loud grinding and snoring. Others walk around all day with teeth tightly clenched together due to work stress. Excessive and constant grinding force cause teeth to wear down, cracks start to develop and sometimes even teeth loosening can occur.


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