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Complimentary Cosmetic e-Consult

Describe issues you have with your smile, upload one or more photos and we will outline some treatment options that will help you achieve the smile you want.

Steps to upload your smile:

Images of your smile are required for us to assess and respond to your issue.

1. At least one image of your smile is required and it should resemble to example 1. A close up image as shown in example 2 would help even further.

2. Save images to your computer or mobile phone.

3. Upload the photos by clicking on the below given buttons to choose file.

Please follow the simple steps below and complete as many details as possible.

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Step 1 - Upload pictures of your Smile:

Step 2 - Outline your issues:

I have missing teeth and found it difficult to chewI don’t like the appearance of my teethI feel self-conscious about my smileI have chipped tooth/teeth and that worries meI don’t like the gaps in my teethI wish my teeth have different shapesI dislike the irregular position of my teethI worry about the chips of my teethI have discoloured teeth that are noticeableI wish my fillings match the colour of my teeth

Step 3 - How do you want your smile to be:

How much does your issues bother you ?

Are you interested in finance options ?

Step 4 - Enter your details:

Case studies

We have served many happy patients over the years and were successful in helping them achieve their dream smiles. Please click the below button to check our case studies.

Disclaimer: This e-consult does not replace an in-chair examination.  This process is simply a way to provide you with information about our services. A complete examination will be required to confirm treatment options and associated costs.