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Affordable Smile Makeover

Affordable Smile Makeover

  • Want to improve your smile but want to be kind to your teeth and your budget?
  • Do you have concerns about the colour, shape or position of your teeth?
  • You may be a candidate for composite veneers and whitening.

Both these procedures offer great value for money versus full crowns, or porcelain. In cases of mild tooth malpositioning, this can be a less costly and time consuming alternative to orthodontics.
Unfortunately composite veneers are not as well known and considered the poor relation to porcelain veneers.
The reality is that done with care and attention to detail, this is far from the case and can surpass that of a poorly done porcelain veneer.
Why is this? Let’s dispel some myths.

Myth 1: Only porcelain can look natural with character like a real tooth


Porcelain veneers rely on a technician’s skill and dentist communication with them as to your expectations. So there are three people that are involved in the communication, i.e. you, the dentist and the technician. Done properly, they can look amazing, but…

Composite veneers can look amazing when you communicate your expectations with the dentist and they are able to deliver your smile. Let’s face it, two people communicating will be easier. And it is up to the dentist’s skill to sculpt the composite, see the detail of your natural tooth, and simulate this. There are less people involved, but you will rely 100% on the dentist, so find one you are comfortable with. Look at their previous work, look for detail.

Myth 2: My teeth need to be filed down.

True and False

This is true where there is space required for placing the veneers, whether composite or porcelain, although composite may be placed into situations where porcelain is not suitable due to more flexibility of placement.

Myth 3: Porcelain costs more than composite veneers


This is usually the case, although there may be an overlap between a “cheap” porcelain and an expertly done composite veneer. A cheap anything will always look cheap.

Myth 4: Porcelain veneers last longer than composite veneers

True and False

Porcelain, while being a harder material, may be more brittle. When it comes to repairs, composite is easier to repair. In the event of chipping, porcelain may need to be replaced.



About the Author

Avatar Dr Yee Han Chaung
Dr Han has had more than ten years of experience in composite veneers. He has been trained by world renowned clinicians and is not aligned with one system or brand of materials. As such he will endeavour to find the best solution to your smile concern. He is an avid photographer, both in dentistry and outside of work. This allows for clinical evaluation of new materials and techniques. He strives for natural results and proudly displays examples of his work in social media.