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SMILE GALLERY Your Invitation to Smile

FREE Cosmetic Online E-Consultation

We now offer free online e-consults so you can find out more on the dental treatment best suited for you. Simply click on the button below, upload a picture, describe the problem you have and the smile you want to achieve to find out how our cosmetic dentists can help!

Disclaimer: This e-consult cannot replace an examination.  A complete examination may be required to confirm treatment options and associated costs.

Dark Filling – Before; Dark Filling – After

Worn Enamel – Before; Worn Enamel – After

Gappy Smile – Before; Gappy Smile – After

Broken Tooth – Before; Broken Tooth – After

Missing Teeth – Before; Missing Teeth – After

Worn Teeth – Before; Worn Teeth – After

Discoloured and Mismatched Teeth – Before; Discoloured and Mismatched Teeth – After

Broken Tooth – Before; Broken Tooth – After

Disclaimer: Individual treatment results will vary according to clinical conditions.